How It Works


How It Works

All electrical energy coming into a facility is known as Apparent Power, and the power we actually use is defined as Real Power. Even though you pay for it, a portion of the power entering your electrical system is lost to ground and never consumed. This is referred to as Reactive Power. The ultimate goal is to bring these two factors, Apparent Power and Real Power, closer together.

In order to accomplish this, the Powerhouse adds capacitance via a series of capacitors. This enables the unit to harness the Reactive Power to distribute clean, even power across all phases.

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How It Works

By Doing This, The POWERHOUSE:

  1. Greatly reduces low voltage issues
  2. Elevates voltage of the entire system
  3. Stabilizes voltage of the complete system
  4. Reduces voltage drops when demand increases.
  5. Reduces tripped breakers (as a result of low voltage or power spikes)
  6. Lowers kilowatt hours

By conditioning and balancing the energy, The POWERHOUSE insures that the equipment is running at its optimum voltages, which results in less mechanical problems and lower maintenance costs, thus, increasing the life of your equipment.

To Summarize, The POWERHOUSE:

  1. Balances voltage across all phases (legs)
  2. Balances the load and line harmonics between phases
  3. Reduces Reactive Power loss
  4. Reduces spikes in your energy demand, lowering your peak demand charges
  5. Reduces device vibration, noise and HEAT (motors are more efficient & run cooler)
  6. Provides surge protection (absorbing power spikes up to 50,000 volts)
  7. Increases lumens (amount of brightness) in your existing lighting system
  8. Lowers lighting maintenance costs by extending the life of bulbs and ballasts
  9. Requires no special cooling or air conditioned environment
  10. Helps protect computers, operating systems, timers, relays, burglar alarms, surveillance cameras and other low voltage equipment that is sensitive to power spikes or low voltage